Following the announcement of its next round of IPP procurement, GreenCo hereby invites developers to submit their proposals for renewable energy projects in the SADC region.

Please see “About GreenCo” section for more information.

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If you need any help regarding the portal please contact anamaria.skaro@africagreenco.com

Please access the Direct Procurement Guidelines document below and familiarise yourself with the engagement procedures, assessment processes and information requirements of the Direct Procurement process before commencing your submissions.

attachment Direct Procurement Guidelines

Expression of Interest - EOI

You can also register your interest in GreenCo trading services & products by submitting an Expression of Interest.

Consumer Demand EOI

GreenCo welcomes engagement with commercial and industrial consumers desirous of accessing clean sources of power in the region; we would be grateful for your indication of demand by submitting a Demand EOI.

SAPP Market Access & Trading services

Renewable energy generators who would like to gain access to the SAPP market using GreenCo’s trading services may complete and submit our Market Access EOI to initiate discussion.

About GreenCo

Africa GreenCo (GreenCo) through its operating entities in sub-Saharan Africa acts as an intermediary offtaker and service provider, purchasing power from renewable Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and on-selling that electricity to utilities and private sector offtakers (i.e., commercial, and industrial users) and markets of the SAPP.  GreenCo mitigates the risk of purchaser default through an ability to secure alternative buyers or through short-term trading on the SAPP electricity markets.  Through its participation in competitive power markets, GreenCo promotes cross-border power transactions and a more dynamic and liquid short-term power market; a deep, dynamic market ultimately stimulates the supply of, and demand for, finance for energy projects, facilitating the mobilization of private sector capital more quickly towards critical and transformative capacity addition.

Recognizing the challenges faced by national utilities across Southern Africa and the unsustainable burden placed on national governments in providing guarantees in respect of their national utility’s obligations to IPPs, GreenCo aims to facilitate the evolution of power markets in Southern Africa into a dynamic multi-seller, multi-buyer model.

GreenCo acts as an independent intermediary with the energy trading systems and financial structures to comprehensively collateralize its off-take agreements with IPPs.  This results in the de-risking of projects which will translate into lower project funding costs for IPPs and ultimately lower tariffs, benefitting the wider economy of the region.  GreenCo has successfully completed two rounds of funding, having raised USD 1.5m in October 2020 and USD 15.5m in May 2022. Its current investors are Private Infrastructure Development Group’s InfraCo Africa, the Danish Government’s Investment Fund for Developing Countries and EU’s EDFI ElectriFI.

GreenCo’s Vision is to lead in sustainably transforming renewable energy (RE) markets in Africa with its innovative approach to addressing offtaker creditworthiness, the single most important obstacle to unlocking private sector investment in new RE generation capacity on the continent. picture_as_pdf Read more on GreenCo